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Science Fair Results 2018

April 05, 2018
DSC_0080.JPGOn April 4, St. James-Assiniboia School Division celebrated its 52nd annual Divisional Science Fair at George Waters Middle School/St. James Collegiate. The 2018 academic event saw more than 150 students participate in creating original, science-based projects and defending their research in front of a panel of judges. We would like to thank everyone involved in this year's event, the Science Fair Committee, our presenters, staff, parents and volunteers for helping us continue this longstanding tradition in SJASD. Our students did an exceptional job demonstrating their passion for science, creative and critical thinking skills, curiousity for the world around them, and
 ability to explore unfamiliar subject areas. Congratulations to all participants this year as you deserve to be commended on your hard work and tremendous dedication. An extended congratulations to all of the special award recipients listed below, categorized by age and genre specific awards:

DSC_0074 2.JPG

Top Project Awards
The Top Project award is presented to a project in Grade 3, 4, and 5.  The award is given to a project that has demonstrated exemplary scientific skill and has received a top score from judges. 

Grade 3 Trophy Award
Zander J. from Phoenix School
Project: Nerf Dart Distance
Grade 4 Trophy Award
Arali K. from Lakewood School
Project: How Healthy Are Healthy Snacks? 
Grade 5 Trophy Award
Anna W. from Ecole Assiniboine
Project: Le monarque
Canadian Science Award
The Canadian Science Award is given to a project which has demonstrated a science study associated with Canada.  This award includes a certificate and Canadian Flag and is sponsored by the Honorable Doug Eyolfson, Member of Parliament. 
Certificate and Flag
Presenter: Doug Eyolfson          
Winner: River A. from Lakewood School
Project: The Evolution of Hockey Equipment
Manitoba Hydro Awards
The Manitoba Hydro “Energy and You” award is given to those projects that have demonstrated outstanding research in the area of energy and related conservation applications. The award includes a certificate and cash prize. 
Presenter:  Janet Rak  
Winner: Thomas G. from Lincoln Middle School
Project: Osmotic Power
Winners: Lauren M. & Bryn J. R. from Ness Middle School
Project: Avez-vous la force?
Winner: Lauren C.from Sansome School
Project: Electric Cars

Young Scientist Awards
The Young Scientist Award is given to those projects that have a unique presentation with outstanding science research. The award includes a plaque. 

Presenter: Rob Bell                                    

Winners: William S. and Iesu A. from Ness Middle School
Project: Les baies miracles
Winner: Sophia C. from Lincoln Middle School
Project: Blastomycosis in Dogs

Winner(s): Teddy M. from Linwood School
Project: What is 3-D Printing? 
Winner(s): Norah M. and Izzy M. from Athlone School
Project: Sand, Salt, Beet, and Repeat (5-4)


Fort Whyte Sustainability Award
The Fort Whyte Alive Sustainability award is given to a study or experimental project associated with the environment. 

Presenter:  Mike Wake               
Winner: Blake F. from Linwood School
Project: Save Our Bees 

Canada Wide Science Fair Award (maximum 4 students)
The St. James-Assiniboia School Division sponsors the Canada Wide Science Fair award, which is given to students in grades 7–12 whose projects demonstrated high achievement in either research, design process, or scientific method. Students must have met the Science Fair Committee’s eligibility requirements. The award entitles the winner to an all-expenses paid trip to compete at Canada’s National Science Fair to be held this year in Ottawa, Ontario in May. 
Throughout the week, students from all provinces and territories will showcase their projects for judges, local schoolchildren and the general public. The students will compete for close to $1 million in scholarships and grants and form friendships with fellow students from across the country.

DSC_0081 2.JPGLetter/Medal/Glass Plaque
Presenter: Trustee Craig McGregor

Grade 8 Winner: Sameer B. from Lincoln Middle School
Project: Coping with Diabetes
Grade 9 Winner: Tharindu K. from Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
Project: Backpack Potential Energy System 
Grade 10 Winner: Noah D. from Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
Project: Got Lift? 
Grade 10 Winner: Shanaya McMillan from Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
Project: Comparison of Blood Glucose Levels Before & During Type 1 Diabetes Camp