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St. James-Assiniboia School Division
Great Schools for Growing and Learning
Senior Administration

If you have questions regarding your child’s education, the order of contact should be 

  • your child’s classroom teacher, followed by the
  • school’s principal and, finally, the
  • school’s Superintendent.
  • Board members are available if the issue isn’t resolved at the Superintendent's level. 
Inquiries to the Superintendents' Department should be directed to: 
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Gillian Muir, Senior Executive Assistant

Brett Lough, Chief Superintendent

Mike Wake, Assistant Superintendent, Education (K-12) and Administration

Doreen Cost, Assistant Superintendent, Student Services (K-12)  

Rob Carnegie, Administrator of Technology

Michael Friesen, Secretary-Treasurer / Chief Financial Officer  
Carrie Melville, Assistant-Secretary Treasurer

James Dunlop, Accounting Supervisor

Carrol Harvey, Manager, Human Resources (Professional Staff)

Cindy Labaty, Manager, Human Resources (MANTE, CUPE Staff)

Randy Calvert, Manager, Facilities and Maintenance

Paul Deacon, Assistant Manager, Facilities and Maintenance