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School Bus Safety

August 30, 2019

​​​To make school bus ridership as safe as possible, all students are required to participate in a School Bus Ridership Safety program twice a year. The program includes emergency bus evacuation drills. Also, to ensure a safe and pleasant ride for everyone on board, the following school bus rules are in place.

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School Bus Rules in SJASD

1) Arrive at your pick-up location five minutes before scheduled pick up time.

 2) Sit facing the front of the bus, with legs/ bags out of the aisles and remain in your seat until you arrive.

3) Do not distract the driver and keep the noise level down; e.g. no yelling, use of profanity or throwing objects.

4) No eating or drinking on the bus.

5) Opening and closing of windows is permitted by the bus driver only.

6) Keep your arms, hands and head inside the bus.

7) Keep your hands to yourself. Do not leave garbage on the bus. Be respectful to others.

8) Do not damage the bus, interior or exterior

9) No smoking on the bus

10) When the bus arrives at the destination, remain in your seat until it is your turn to exit the bus.

11) Adhere to departure times at your school

12) Skates, skateboards, etc. must be enclosed in a cloth bag. The bus driver and principal are responsible for determining which items can be brought on the bus. β€‹