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Athlone School
Home of the Athlone Atoms
Professional Staff Contact Information



Andrews, J.Athlone: Teacher
Carter, G.Athlone: Teacher
Dunk, J.Athlone: Teacher
Ferriello, T.Athlone: Teacher
Jensen Kostiuk, W.Athlone: Teacher
Krahn-Matias, C.Athlone: Teacher
Laing, M.Athlone: Teacher
Lavallee, C.Athlone: Teacher
Mackelson, C.Athlone: Teacher
Miller, J.Athlone: Teacher
Miller, R.Athlone: Principal
Morris, J.Athlone: Secretary
Parnell, M.Athlone: Teacher
Plesh, H.ESS: Social Worker
Posillipo, L.Athlone: Teacher
Sawrenko, S.Athlone: Teacher
Schmitt, D.Athlone: Teacher
Vosper, N.Athlone: Teacher
Whitely, K.Athlone: Teacher