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Parent Council

​​​Athlone PC November 2021 Newsletter​​​ParentCouncil.jpgAthlone School Parent Council

Athlone School has an active Parent Council which works cooperatively with the school in the best educational interests of the children.  The Council organizes general meetings of interest to all parents, sponsors fundraising events and co-hosts special activities with the school.  We encourage you to become active with this group for the betterment of your child’s education.

Parent Council Newsletters

Parent Council Meeting Minutes 2022

​AGM Meeting Minutes September 22, 2022​

ASPC Oct 4th 2022 Minutes​

ASPC Nov 1st 2022 Minutes​

ASPC Dec 6th 2022 Minutes​

ASPC Jan 10th 2023 Minutes​

ASPC March 7th 2023 Minutes​

Future Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, April 4 @ 7:00 PM

Tuesday, May2 @ 7:00 PM

Tuesday, June 6 @ 7:00 PM


ParentCouncilContact.jpgIf you wish to contact the Parent Council, please send an email to: