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Classroom Configurations for 2019-2020

June 17, 2019


Classroom Configurations for 2019-2020

The end of the year is fast approaching, so we are already planning for next school year. Our decrease in school population has plateaued, so we will be having the same classroom configurations next year, as we had this year.

Here is a tentative breakdown of the classrooms at Athlone in 2019-2020:

Kindergarten (AM/PM)       Mrs. C Lavallee

1 grade 1 classroom          Mrs. K. Whitely

1 grade 1/2 classroom       Mrs. N. Vosper

1 grade 2 classroom          Mrs. T. Ferriello

1 grade 3 classroom          Ms. C. Krahn-Matias

1 grade 3/4 classroom       Mrs. J. Andrews/Mrs. G. Carter

3 grade 4/5 classrooms     Mrs. J. Miller; Mrs. W. Jensen; Ms. D. Schmitt

Placement of our students amongst these classrooms is always done collaboratively with classroom teachers, support teachers and administration working together. We consider gender ratio, academics, social and emotional issues, as well as, number of students. We use our professional judgment to construct balanced classes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the school.


J. Baker