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Strathmillan School
Principal's Message
​​​JB.jpg​​Strathmillan School has a long-standing history in St. James Assiniboia and was o​pened in January of 1954. It is an early years (K-5) school. At Strathmillan School, we believe that students are more successful when home and school work together. We are a Restitution school and believe that mistakes can provide an opportunity for growth and developing resiliency. We also believe that respecting and appreciating individual diversity enriches all of our lives. Through the shared commitments of students, parents, and staff, the mission of Strathmillan School is to create a nurturing environment that produces responsible citizens who are life-long learners. We take great pride in offering a variety of educational programs designed to meet the needs of students and families in our community. As a result, we encourage all students to become involved in the many activities offered. Most importantly, we believe that a well-rounded educational experience includes social, emotional and physical growth opportunities.

Jonathan Baker