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Strathmillan School
Special Announcement
Parent Council meeting October 17, 2018 2 7:00 PM in the School Library.

At this meeting we will be voting in our executive and we need quorum (18 parents in attendance) for the school board to recognize us as a parent council. If we don't meet this requirement then our ability to fundraise will be restricted. We thought we were in the clear with the great turn-out we had at our coffee party on the first day of school but we were unaware that we also needed quorum to vote our executive. I'm sorry it was missed. 

Parent Council raised over $4,000 to subsidize bus transportation/ field trip option for every classroom last year and contributed financially to many other events and activities not covered by the school's budget. For 2018/19 we have plans to continue subsidizing bus transport/field trip options, help create a Maker Space within the library, and contribute to the Grade 5 celebration. However, if we do not meet the mandate of proper parent representation at this upcoming meeting then we may not be able to follow through with those plans.

We need 18 parents to make quorum and the vote for the executive will take place at the start of the meeting. We should only need you from 7-7:15 pm and there is no need to stay for the rest of the meeting (but you're more than welcome to!). We are asking for RSVPs so that we can ensure that we will have the numbers to meet quorum. RSVPs can be sent/replied to this email address: 

Rebecca Misko <>

We have open positions on the executive and welcome anyone interested in joining to submit a nomination.

As usual we will have free child care & all are welcome.

Thanks & please spread the word!
Rebecca Misko - Parent Council President