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Strathmillan School
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Earth Month Challenge

March 22, 2019

What can be collected?

The Challenge will accept all old, damaged and out-of-use cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDAs, and pagers. We will also accept rechargeable cell phone batteries and accessories, but these will not count towards your total.

We do not accept cordless phones, walkie-talkies, non-wireless PDAs, Mp3 players, any battery not commonly found in a cell phone (example: single use batteries, rechargeable AA batteries), laptop computers or answering machines.

What happens to the phones and other items that we collect?

Mobile devices that are collected are sent to GREENTEC for processing. Shipments arriving at GREENTEC are sorted, evaluated and tested to assess their functionality.

Phones are first tested to assess their ability to power on. Devices which power on then receive a data wipe to remove any confidential information which may have been left on by the consumer. Components, including the LCD screen, keypad, battery, antenna and casing, are evaluated. Phones deemed to be in good condition are then inspected for water damage and “call tested” to confirm their functionality. Phones that pass as functional are then sold for reuse.

Phones that do not power on, or do not pass the functionality evaluation, are separated for material recovery by recycling. Devices are broken down to their base components (metals or plastics), and then sent to approved processors.

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