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George Waters Middle School
Champions of Our Own Success
Parent Council

George Waters School Parent Council

The Parent Council at GWMS has two main functions:

1.      To be the voice of the parents on the happenings in the school. 

  • At each meeting, the principal gives a report of activities, plans and priorities for the school.  The parents are given the opportunity to present their opinions.  This process results in great discussions.


2.      To run fundraisers that provides students opportunities to put money into their student accounts and creates general funds for parent council.

  • Student account funds may be spent on sharks clothing, spring camp, band camp, or ski trips.
  • General funds are spent on things such as teacher wish lists, help with spring camp expenses, academic and sports awards.  Traditionally, we have run 4 - 5 fundraisers during the year.

The only qualification needed to be a member of the parent council is to have a student attending GWMS! 

There are different levels of commitment that you can make to help make the parent council work.

1.        Executive member

  • President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer
  • Attend 1 early evening meeting per month
  • Coordinate fundraisers
  • Represent the parent council at CARE assemblies and information evenings
  • If your job allows you the freedom of attending the morning CARE assembly the time commitment is approx. 1 hr - 2 times per school year


2.        Member-at-large

  • Attend 1 early evening meeting per month
  • Help run a fundraiser
  • May represent the parent council at CARE assemblies

Come to the Annual General Meeting on September 11, 2018 at 6:30 pm to meet the new principal and the returning members of the parent council.  See what you can do to support your children in their experience at GWMS.​

For more information, G. Valentim (principal) at 204-888-4898.