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Snowstorms, Bus Cancellations and Cold Weather

December 11, 2019

snowstorm.jpgWit​h the cold winter season upon us, the Division is prepared to address weather-related emergencies or extreme circumstances to keep students safe in the cold months ahead. In the event of an emergency, the Chief Superintendent may decide to close all, or specific schools, and/or discontinue bus service in whole or in part due to: 

· severe weather;

· snowstorms;

· adverse road conditions; and/or 

· other emergencies. 

Actions taken are done so in the best interest of student safety.

Bus Cancellations


When the weather is too cold for buses to be running (ambient -35°C​, or a wind chill hazard of -45°C or greater), the Metro Superintendents may decide to cancel buses. The message is relayed to their transportation departments and administration. This decision is determined based on the weather conditions at 6:00 a.m. taken by Environment Canada at The Forks. 


If buses are cancelled, Schools may still be open. Students will need alternate transportation as morning cancellations will remain in effect for the remainder of the day. In the event of inclement weather circumstances occurring during the day, routes may be cancelled throughout the school day. Please be advised that students should not be heading out to the bus nodes during extreme cold weather/snowstorms and families are advised to check our website for bus cancellation updates in the morning. 


The Division website,, will be updated with cold-weather announcements found at the top of the home page. The Division will also contact parents via School Messenger (automated information service) to advise them of bus cancellations. The news media will also be alerted to cancellations with information available on CJOB radio and the CJOB website at If you have any concerns about your child getting safely to and from school, please keep them at home.


School Closures


In the event of extremely adverse circumstances, including severe snowstorms, the Chief Superintendent may decide to close all or specific schools. The decision to close schools is a coordinated process involving all Metro School Divisions. This decision is based on several factors, including emergency vehicles access to our schools. In the event a school is closed due to extreme weather conditions, school principals will communicate this message to all families via School Messenger.


Exceptions for Phoenix School


As Phoenix School is the only school in St. James-Assiniboia School Division located outside the city limits, there are specific guidelines in place to determine school closure. When Environment Canada determines that there are blizzard conditions and the TransCanada West Highway is closed at the Headingley weigh station, the decision to close Phoenix School will be at the discretion of the Chief Superintendent.


Cold Weather


For detailed information on cold weather procedures for Early Years Schools, please visit policy JLIAB-R Outdoor Recess Guidelines.


For more details, please visit our Cold Weather Policies: EBCD Procedures for storm closures, bus cancellations and other emergencies (PDF).​