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Guidelines for Transportation to Schools

September 04, 2020


Where school bus transportation is necessary, the following guidelines should be followed by school bus drivers and students:

Students with symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend school or be passengers on buses (see
Face-masks are required on school buses for K-12 students and any other passengers (unless medical accommodations prevent mask wearing). For mask requirements on school buses, refer to the Guidance for Mask Use in Schools document at:
All passengers and drivers should perform hand hygiene before and after being on the school bus.
Students must sit in their assigned seat on the school bus.
As per routine protocols, students should remain seated in their own seats and should not move around the school bus.
Students should maintain physical distancing (two metres is recommended) when lining up to get on the bus, and when exiting the school bus.
Students should line up for the bus from largest seat assignment to lowest if more than  student waiting at a stop.
To the greatest extent possible, school buses should be loaded from back to front and unloaded from front to back; one student or household should stand up and exit at a time to minimize close contact between students.

Note: Due to the public health protocols that are in place on the school bus, please expect delays.  Routines such as attendance, cleaning and seating will take extra time as students load the school bus. Delays to pick-up and drop-off times are to be expected during the first weeks.