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Lincoln Middle School
Professional Staff Contact Information

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Below, you will find the email addresses of the Lincoln Middle School administration and all teaching staff.

Are you looking for a list of ALL staff at Lincoln Middle School? Click here.


, E. 
Amaral, S.Lincoln: VP
Atanacio, C.Lincoln: Teacher
Beiko, S.Lincoln: Teacher
Bender, T.Lincoln: Teacher
Bradshaw, W.Lincoln: Teacher
Briggs, K.Lincoln: Teacher
Calladine, H.Lincoln: Teacher
Cleave, J.Lincoln: Teacher
Crawshaw, L.Lincoln: Teacher
Gigliotti, I.Lincoln: Secretary
Hodgins, L.Lincoln: Secretary
Kehler, J.Lincoln: Teacher
Lizotte, K.Lincoln: Principal
Maxwell, R.Lincoln: Teacher
McCorrister, K.Lincoln: Teacher
Mercier, A.Lincoln: Teacher
Metelski, J.Lincoln: Teacher
Mitchell, M.Lincoln: Teacher
Muldrew, S.Lincoln: Teacher
Oliver, M.Lincoln: Teacher
Riddell, K.Lincoln: Teacher
Rivet, C.Lincoln: Teacher
Sarahs, S.Lincoln: Teacher
Sinclair, C.Lincoln: Teacher
Smith, A.Lincoln: Teacher
Stewart, C.Lincoln: Teacher
Swereda, L.Lincoln: Teacher
Tambakis, C.Lincoln: Teacher
Thiessen, S.Lincoln: Teacher
Wasylowski, D.Lincoln: Teacher
Winsnes, P.Lincoln: Teacher
Wlasiuk, P.Lincoln: Teacher