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École Bannatyne
Professional Staff Contact Information

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Bannatyne, T.Bannatyne: Temp
Batke, A.Bannatyne: Teacher
Beaudin, N.Bannatyne: Teacher
Boyko, R.Bannatyne: Principal
Brar, J.Bannatyne: Teacher
Braun, K.Bannatyne: Teacher
Burnett, J.Bannatyne: Vice Principal
Cadieux, H.Bannatyne: Secretary
Catellier, R.Bannatyne: Teacher
Clark, H.Bannatyne: Teacher
Duguid, C.Bannatyne: Teacher
Floater, B. 
Gallo, G.Bannatyne: Teacher
Hindle, K.Bannatyne: Teacher
Keys, K.Bannatyne: Teacher
Kingsley, N.Bannatyne: Teacher
Labossiere, S.Bannatyne: Teacher
Leblanc-Tod, C.Bannatyne: Teacher
McCaughan, D.Bannatyne: Secretary
McLachlan, P.Bannatyne: Teacher
Neufeld, H.Bannatyne: Teacher
Photocopiers, S.  
Porpiglia, A.Bannatyne: Teacher
Prairie, L.Bannatyne: Teacher
Smart, R.Bannatyne: Teacher
Stonge, N.Bannatyne: Teacher
Thorsteinson, T.Bannatyne: Teacher
Vermesse, M.Bannatyne: Teacher