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Jameswood Alternative School
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​The Sacred Circle of Courage

May 31, 2022

mosaic 2 cropped.jpeg

The Sacred Circle of Courage

This mosaic was made by the students, for the Jameswood students and school community, with the guidance of guest artist Dimitry Melman.

There are many pathways to the centre of the Sacred Circle, and the path is not always a straight one. As we journey, we begin to find balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The blue waters remind us to dig deep to find the well of nourishment and health, while also representing the relationships that hold us and help us and heal us; bringing us back into balance.

Here, we also honour the cycles of life: times of birth, growth, fullness, and letting go. We also honor the cycles of light and darkness in our lives, knowing that we are resilient and can come through our challenges.

These elements all come together to create a courageous life, which is represented by the bear paw in the centre. Our intention is that this mosaic will provoke thought and discussion, give hope, and inspire others to live in a good way.  ​