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Jameswood Alternative School

Registration Process

High school students, Grade 11 age and older, wishing to register at Jameswood Alternative School (JAS) must live within the St. James-Assiniboia School Division. Enrolling at JAS is an option and privilege for a student and subject to a decision by an “admission committee.” The admission committee may include the principal, a teacher, and, when appropriate, senior administration of the SJASD.
Admission is based on both JAS' capacity to serve additional students and the determination that the school’s program will be an appropriate option to address the applicant’s academic and social/emotional/behavioral needs. Some students who would otherwise meet admission criteria may not be accepted based on a lack of capacity since staffing and space is limited. If space is available, a decision will be made to determine whether the student meets criteria and is likely to be successful in the program. JAS is not a resource program. JAS may not be able to provide an appropriate education for some students therefore it may be determined that admission is not appropriate on that basis. In cases such as this, applicants will be referred back to their catchment school.

If the student is currently registered at/attending any of the SJASD senior years schools, the first step towards admission is a conversation with the student's assigned guidance counsellor at their current school. If the student is not currently registered at/attending school in SJASD, the first step is a conversation with the JAS administrator.  Please call our school office at 204-885-9555.

Other Information
A student should register to JAS when it has been determined that specific academic or personal circumstances are limiting the student's chances for success and the home school has run out of viable options to continue to support the student. Students should want to come to Jameswood Alternative School. Students must be self-motivated and prepared to make positive changes in their lives to ensure success.


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