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Jameswood Alternative School
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SJASD Adaptive Swim Program teaches lifelong skills

February 03, 2020
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The St. James-Assiniboia School Division (SJASD) is proud to offer 60 students from the Division the opportunity to participate in the SJASD Adaptive Swim Program. The program allows students living with additional needs access a weekly swimming lessons program with a specialized swim instructor, Jodi Hutchison.

"The adaptive swim program is helping provide students with exceptional needs the opportunity to develop lifelong skills which may otherwise not be provided to these students," said Craig Glennie, SJASD Trustee. “This is just one of the many additional programs and services that our school board offers to students and families in our St. James - Assiniboine community."

With hard work, foresight and flexibility to improve learning for all students, Jodi creates an individualized plan for each student lesson. They head to the St. James Centennial Pool for one hour each week to work on their skills with one-on-one support. Students learn the lifelong skills of being safe and comfortable in the water.

3.jpg“Special thanks to the instructor Jodi Hutchison for her continued work with the students," praised J. J. Ross, St. James-Assiniboia PE/HE Coordinator. “A big thank you to our physiotherapist team of Jackie Ogloza and Gabriel Wu for all the organization in assessment and programming for students with physical challenges. We also greatly appreciation and are grateful for all of our teachers and educational assistants on the front lines. Their hard work and dedication are invaluable."

​SJASD is also very thankful for all the people and caring groups that make this program a reality. And most importantly, the students should be very proud of everything they have already accomplished this year!

​"We are grateful to our innovative and capable staff as well as our community partners for their generosity," said Craig Johnson, SJASD Trustee. “Helping everyone to learn to swim is not only a valuable recreational skill, but more importantly, can save lives - as most accidental drownings are preventable. By providing vulnerable students with specialized adaptive swimming education, results could include raising confidence, potentially benefitting all aspects of their academic experience."

Without the partnership with Variety, the Children's Charity of Manitoba, this partnership would not be possible. With Variety, more kids living with additional needs can access an adaptive swim program. The SJASD Adaptive Swim Program is truly a team effort!

For more about the program, check out this informative video.