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Lincoln Middle School
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Athlete of the Month

November 19, 2020

​Taleem.jpgAthlete of the Month: Taleem Ali-Johnson

Taleem has been playing Attack Basketball since he was 7. This year because of the pandemic, he was able to practice with his team outdoors during the summer months. This summer, he also did two different sessions with Peg City basketball. He is a hard worker, is always respectful of all the players and the coaches love him. When he can’t practice with his team, he develops his skills on his own time by practicing outside with friends. He also has been featured in the Winnipeg Leisure guide and on Fitness gift cards. Last year at Sansome School, he played for St. James- Assiniboia Early Years Athletic Association.  On all his teams Taleem has been an outstanding performer in terms of skill and ability to work on a team. Keep up the great work Taleem!