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Ness Middle School
Principal's Message
JB.jpgWelcome to Ness Middle School!  With the St.James-Assiniboia Middle Years reorganization in full swing, Ness is undergoing many changes.  This year we became a Dual Track school, offering programming to our students in both English and French.  As we move forward in this reorganization, Ness Middle School will soon transition into a full French Immersion milieu school.  Over the next couple of years our student population will increase significantly and we will be the home to all middle years French Immersion students in the division.  This transition has been and will continue to be a very exciting time for staff, students and the community alike. 

At Ness Middle School, we are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and cooperative environment where students feel a strong sense of belonging, value their learning, and take pride in their achievements.  Our core values of respect, integrity, responsibility and excellence, are at the heart of everything we do.  We believe in developing strong relationships and partnerships with our parents and community members as it is essential that we all play a significant role in the growth and development of our children. 

The staff at Ness care deeply about our students and are committed to providing a meaningful and engaging middle years’ experience.  They are constantly furthering their professional learning and development so as to create the best educational environment for our students and lead them towards their full potential.

Apprendre ensemble, nous y tenons!

Jordana Buckwold