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École Ness
Professional Staff Contact Information

​​​​​​​Below, you will find the email addresses of the École Ness administration and all teaching staff.

Are you looking for a list of ALL staff at École Ness? Click here.​​​​​​


Bodnar, J.Ness: Teacher
Careen, A.Ness: Teacher
Chagnon, J.Ness: Teacher
Champagne, S.Ness: Teacher
Charbonneau, C.Ness: Teacher
Chernick, E.Ness: Teacher
Cilia, L.Ness: Office
Cliteur, K.Ness: Teacher
Cooper-Carrier, L.Voyageur: Teacher
Cullen, J.Ness: Teacher
Dauteuil, M.Ness: Teacher
Di Lello, N.Ness: Teacher
Dufour, F.Ness: Teacher
Dupas, C.Ness: Teacher
Dvorak, D.Ness: Teacher
Ernst, M.Ness: Teacher
Eyjolfson, A.Ness: Vice Principal
Fleury, S.Ness: Teacher
Ford, G.Ness: Teacher
Gomes, M.Ness: Principal
Gonzales, E.Ness: Teacher
Hadlow, M.Ness: Teacher
Houlahan, C.Ness: Teacher
Hurd, J.Ness: Teacher
Hussey, D.Ness: Teacher
Johnson, T.Ness: Teacher
Limpalaer, E.Ness: Teacher
Marcoux, A.Ness: Teacher
McKenzie, L.Ness: Teacher
McMillan, B.Ness: Teacher
O'Flaherty, B.Ness: Teacher
Scham, K.Ness: Teacher
Schmidt, K.Ness: Teacher
Smith, S.Ness: Teacher
Sorokowski, J.Ness: Teacher
Van Damme, N.Ness: Teacher
Vuignier, C.Ness: Teacher
Warsaba, E.Ness: Secretary
Wenzel, I.Ness: Teacher
Wojcik, C.Ness: Teacher