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Buchanan School
Parent Council
ParentCouncil.jpgBuchanan School Parent Council

Buchanan School has an active Parent Council which works cooperatively with the school in the best educational interests of the children.  The Council organizes general meetings of interest to all parents, sponsors fundraising events and co-hosts special activities with the school.  We encourage you to become active with this group for the betterment of your child’s education.  Parent Involvement in Schools

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Fundraising -  Our Cookie Fundraiser has raised just over $2500. Thank you to everyone who helped support this fundraiser.  We do still have some cookies left to sell. If you are interested please contact Mrs. Moore at the office.

cookies news story.jpg

Still available for sale while quantities last

Chocolate Chunk - 5 boxes $20 each

Peanut Butter - 5 boxes $20 each

Oatmeal Raisin - 6 Boxes $20 each

Carnival - 6 boxes $20 each

Muffin Pack - 1 $24 each


Fun Lunch -  Our Next FUN LUNCH will be a Boston Pizza Day - May 2nd. 


Parent Council Meetings
Meetings are generally held on Wednesdays, next meeting dates are

April 10th at 4:45pm


All parents are welcome to attend, we would love to have your support. 




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Principal Reports

October 2017


Our 2018-2019 Parent Council

Buchanan has a new Parent Council Executive:

President - Stephanie Backhouse

Vice President - Candace Parks

Treasurer - Kim Serkes

Secretary - Candace Goddard

Members At Large - Jordan Westmacott, Amanda Edgington, and Breanne Chidwick


ParentCouncilContact.jpgIf you wish to contact the Parent Council, please send an email to: