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Buchanan School
School Supplies


As opposed to having parents shop for school supplies, Buchanan School simply collects $50 from parents for each child to cover the costs of community classroom supplies.  This fee also includes the students Agenda for grades 1-5.  

This fee can be paid online using School Cash.

Your child will also need the following items:

  • A Pair of indoor running shoes that can be kept at school suitable for Gym        
  • Grade 3 ,4 & 5 need a change of clothes in a bag for Physical Education
  • 1 Standard sized backpack (large enough to hold a binder)
  • 1 Box of Kleenex
  • 1 Box of small ziplock bags if your last name begins A-M
  • 1 Box of large ziplock bags if your last name begins N-Z
  • 1 Easy, spill proof water bottle

NOTE: The cost of supplies does not included replacing lost or damaged items. If a student loses or damages their supplies it will be their responsibility to replace them.

Please see the links below for classroom specific lists.  

Kindergarten - Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Taylor

Room 1 - Ms. Pochuk

Room 2 - Mrs Boonen

Room 9 - Ms. Lionetti

Room 10 - Ms. Cretton

Room 11 - Mrs. MacDonald

Room 12 - Mr. D.

Room 13 - Mrs. O'Neail

Room 15 - Mrs. Brick

Room 16 - Mrs. Kazuk

Room 19 - Mrs. Jenner ​