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Golden Gate Middle School
Code of Conduct

  • At Golden Gate Middle School, a positive school climate and safe learning environment are essential if students are going to succeed in school.  A positive school climate means everyone feels they are welcome and respected.  All students, parents, teachers, and staff have the right to be safe, be respected and to feel safe in the school community.  With this right comes the responsibility for everyone to be accountable for their actions and to contribute to a positive school climate.  All people on school property and/or engaged in school business must behave in a respectful manner and comply with the school code of conduct.  In alignment with the Manitoba Education Provincial Code of Conduct and its St. James Assiniboia School Division's Student Conduct Policy (J,K), our school's goal is to provide a safe, secure and caring learning environment, which fosters a students' personal growth, self-respect and a sense of belonging and purposes then to be respectful and responsible citizens.


    Unacceptable Behaviours include, but are not limited to the following:


        • Bullying/Cyber bullying
        • Harassment/ Discrimination
        • Under the influence of Drugs or alcohol
        • Possession or being under the influence of an illicit drug
        • Vaping/smoking
        • Threats to self and others ((physical and verbal)
        • Disrespect of self/others and property
        • Gang Involvement, Gang Paraphernalia
        • Possession of a weapon
        • Inappropriate use of the internet and electronic devices/communication


          Consequences of violating the code can range from warnings, to withdrawal of participation in extra-curricular events, to restitution/community service, to in-school or out-of-school suspensions, to expulsion from the school.  Parents will be advised in all instances of suspension. During out-of-school suspensions, students will be forbidden access to the building and grounds and may not participate in extra curricular activities.

          Students are expected to adhere to the lunch hour expectations.  Lunch privileges may be denied, and alternative arrangements made for students not being respectful over the lunch hour.

           β€‹With the parent(s) and school, working together, the student understands his/her responsibility of being a student and a good citizen. 

          We believe that there are many positive aspects of parents and teachers working together to help children improve their behaviour.  Students are encouraged to take responsibility for managing and directing their own behaviour in a mature way. 

          With everyone working together, your child will have a good year.


For further infomation regarding the code of conduct, please refer to the following resources:
  • Click here to view School Division Policy JK: Student Conduct
  • Click here to view the School Division Student Threat Assessment brochure
  • Click here to view the Manitoba Education: Safe and Caring Schools Provincial Code of Conduct – Appropriate Interventions and Disciplinary Consequences