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Golden Gate Middle School
Professional Staff Contact Information

​Below, you will find the email addresses of the Golden Gate Middle School administration and all teaching staff.

Are you looking for a list of ALL staff at Golden Gate Middle School? Click here.


Arsenault, S.Golden Gate: Teacher
Blair, T.Golden Gate: Teacher
Boughton, K.Golden Gate/Jameswood: Teacher
Chrisp, D.Golden Gate: Teacher
Curtis, J.Golden Gate: Teacher
Darr, D.Golden Gate: Teacher
Dirks, H.Golden Gate: Teacher
Engel, B.Golden Gate: VP
Hernandez Limaya, F.Golden Gate: EA
Hutchinson, S.Golden Gate: Secretary
Hutsal, G.Golden Gate/Westwood: Teacher
Jackson, M.Golden Gate: Office
Kalynchuk, D.Golden Gate: Principal
Kell, T.Golden Gate: Teacher
McGavock, R.Golden Gate: Teacher
Moskal, M.Golden Gate: Teacher
Nowosad, C.Golden Gate: Teacher
Robertson, J.Golden Gate: Teacher
Sterzer, P.Golden Gate: Teacher
Vendramelli, S.Golden Gate: Teacher
Walpole, K.Golden Gate: Teacher
Wiebe, T.Golden Gate: Teacher
Williams, H.Golden Gate: Office