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Hedges Middle School
Professional Staff Contact Information

Below, you will find the email addresses of the Hedges Middle School administration and all teaching staff.

Are you looking for a list of ALL staff at Hedges Middle School? Click here.


Baydock, T.Hedges: Principal
Betke, C.Hedges: Teacher
Betz, G.Hedges: Teacher
Browne, G.Hedges: Teacher
Bults, J.Hedges: Teacher
Cantafio, N.Hedges: Teacher
Copeland, L.Hedges: Teacher
Corley, B.Hedges: Teacher
Edinger, S.Hedges: Teacher
Fletcher, S.Hedges: Teacher
Ford, K.Hedges: Teacher
Guidry, M.Hedges: Teacher
Hayward, R.Hedges: Teacher
Hebert, K.Hedges: Teacher
Irvine, C.Hedges: Teacher
Kauppila, A.Hedges: Teacher
Kostenchuk, D.Hedges: Teacher
Latozke, C.Hedges: Teacher
Lelieveld, L.Hedges: Secretary
Lobo, M.Hedges: Teacher
Masic, E.Hedges: Teacher
McCallum, D.Hedges: Teacher
McNish, E.Hedges: Teacher
Neudorf, J.Hedges: Teacher
Normandeau, C.Hedges: Secretary
O'Brien, J.Hedges: Vice Principal
Poiron, D.Hedges: Teacher
Riddell, M.Hedges: Teacher
Ryan, J.Hedges: Teacher
Sobkowicz, J.Hedges/Westwood/John Taylor: Teacher
Stuart, L.Hedges: Teacher
Swain, T.Hedges: Teacher
Zant, C.Hedges: Teacher