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Hedges Middle School

School Registration

 ***CLICK HERE to view the Hedges β€‹2022-23 Registration Form.***​

  ***Click Here β€‹to view the Heges β€‹2022-23 ​St. James Assiniboia Hockey Academy​​

A custodial parent must register the child in person and provide the following documents:
  • Birth Certificate (Original birth certificate is required. Photocopies are not acceptable) 
  • If your child is not born in Canada, you will be required to provide citizenship papers or one of the following documents: Permanent Resident card, Record of Landing, Valid Work Permit/Visa, Valid Study Permit
  • Manitoba Health card showing child & parent names
  • 2 Proofs of Residency (eg. MB medical card, valid Manitoba driver’s licence, lease agreement, house title or other official documents indicating address of residence.)
Please contact the school if you have any questions about the programs our school offers or about student registration.

Not certain which school is your designated catchment area school? 
Click here to be redirected to the School Locator system on our School Division's website.


School Registration for 2023-2024

Students registering for grade 6 (currently grade 5)

Handed out: January 27, 2023

Students who live in the Hedges catchment will receive a pre-filled registration form with their demographic information, from their early years school on January 27th. This must be returned to their current elementary school no later than February 10th. We ask that you update the registration forms with any changes and complete all the sections that require signatures before returning them. Families new to SJASD and who live in the Hedges catchment area can bring their registration form directly to our school office during school hours. β€‹

Current grade 6 & 7 Hedges students

Registrations Handed out: January 27, 2023

Registrations for current grade 6-7 students will be sent home on January 27th and must be returned no later than February 10th. The registrations are pre-filled with your demographic information. We ask that you update the registration forms with any changes and complete all the sections that require signatures before returning them.

Current grade 8 students registering for High School

Registrations Handed out: February 10, 2023

Students who are currently in grade 8 at Hedges will receive a pre-filled registration form with their demographics for their catchment area senior years school on February 10th. These must be returned to Hedges by February 24th. Current grade 8 students who live out-of-catchment or out of division can apply to their senior years school of choice, but acceptance is not guaranteed.

Hedges Information Evening : Tuesday April 11, 2023

Hedges will be hosting an information evening on Tuesday April 11th from 6-7pm. The evening is intended for new students who live in our catchment to have the opportunity to meet the staff, see the school and for parents to receive information about programming offered at Hedges.

K-12 Out-of-Catchment/Division Registration :

 Online Wait list opens:  February 17, 2023​

Out of catchment and out of Division students at ALL levels will register through an online service. All requests will be date and time stamped to ensure that there is a proper queue for accepting these students. A link will be posted on the Division website, please click here . The site is currently closed and scheduled to open on Friday, February 17, 2023 at 8:00 a.m.