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Winnipeg Humane Society

November 08, 2017

Winnipeg Humane Society

The WinnipWinnipeg Humane Society.jpgeg Humane Society presented to the students on October 26 and November 3. 
The program for Kindergarten is "My Pet Needs Me".  Gentleness and kindness will be the focus. With a reminder that pets and people share many of the same needs and feelings.

The Grade 1 program (Rooms 9 and 3)is "I Love My Pet". How do we take care of our pets?  How does a responsible owner keep their pet safe and healthy? We touch on the grade 1 science cluster "Characteristics and Needs of Living Things".

The Grade 2 Program (Room 8) is "Be Safe/Play Safe". When spending time with our own pets or meeting a friend's pet; we need to learn the danger signs that tell us when we should approach/not approach an animal. The program will also touch on the Grade 2 science cluster: "Growth and Changes in Animals".

Grade 3 Program (Room 4) is "The Winnipeg Humane Society". The WHS plays a key role in helping animals.  How can we help animals in our community?

The Grade 4 Program (rooms 15 and 16) is– "YOU" - The Adoption Counsellor
The program will explore what every pet owner needs to know before adopting a pet and choosing the right pet. The presenter will touch on the Grade 4 science cluster: "Habitats and communities".

In addition, each presentation, at each level will incorporate safety with pets.

These are important presentations for children and the Winnipeg Humane Society does a wonderful job.  The WHS always brings an animal. It could be a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, etc.  This year the dog was called Lola and she was very well behaved.