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Michael Many Eagles

February 26, 2018

Michael Many Eagles


Michael Many Eagles is a renowned Indigenous soap stone carver and story teller.

This is his second visit to Phoenix School in 2 years with a third, previous engagement a few years ago.

The children love the soap stone carving and the more adventurous students embark on carving different and unique figurines. 

Michael Many Eagles is a masterful story teller and this year he told Indigenous Water Stories.  Water is a topic of instruction this year at Phoenix School across all grade levels.  In particular, Rooms 4, 15 and 16 are partnering with the divisional Indigenous educator, Richelle Scott, to examine the topic in-depth from an Indigenous perspective.

The study of water has been an important and enriching experience for everyone, students and staff. 

The students have a marvelous learning experience and will remember his visit for years to come.  Here is some things the students commented on:

"Michael ManyEagles, thank you for coming and giving us soapstone.  It is fun carving them!" (Griffin, room 8)

"I love Michael ManyEagles' awesome designs!" (Max, room 8)

"He taught us new Cree words and I liked it. " (Gavin, room 3)
"He was good at carving and teaching us." (Laine, room 3)
"He's talented at carving stone. I would like to carve like him." (Jessica, room 3)
"He was fun to work with." (Grace, room 3)
"My favourite part was when we were carving." (Avari, room 3)

Mr. Many Eagles' fees and material costs were paid for by an equal combination of Student fees and Parent Council.  In addition, the school had secured a divisional grant to support this special school initiative.  Thank you to Parent Council and families for supporting this special learning activity for all students.Michael Many Eagles.jpg