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Phoenix School Project Fair

March 22, 2018

Project Fair was March 14th.  Project Fair is always an exciting time at every school.  Our top projects will be submitted to the Divisional Science Fair which is held on April 4th at George Waters Middle School.

Mrs. Slyker implemented a Project Fair Club every Tuesday and Thursday at noon hour for students to work on their projects at school.  There are some students who do take advantage of this special opportunity.

School YearNumber of Projects
March 14, 201836 individual projects, 5 class projects, 9 judges
March 15, 201736 projects
March 16, 201640 projects
March, 201544 projects

a.        The following projects are going to the Divisional Science Fair in April.

Grade LevelProject NameProject Participants
Grade 3"The Ultimate Snowball Thrower"Emmerson A.
Grade 3"How do Figure Skates work"Aria L.
Grade 3"Nerf Dart Distance"Zander J.
Grade 4"Nails for Breakfast"Julianna S.
Grade 4"See Spot Drool"Brady B. & Rowan K.
Grade 5"Save the Bees"Ben H.
Grade 5"Spilling the Beans on Starbucks Frapuccinos"Ella M. & Vayda S.
Grade 5"Which Water Bottle is Best?"Peyton K. & Chloe L.

All these projects were awarded a Gold standard by the judges.

Thank you to the Project Fair Committee: Mrs. Slyker, Mrs. Andranistakis, Ms Halldorsson, Mrs. MacLean, Mr. Mikkelson, Mrs. Samyn and Mrs. Turabian for all their hard work implementing the Phoenix School Project Fair. Their contributions and hard work are greatly appreciated.                       
All the projects at the Project Fair were excellent and all of our students should be proud of their accomplishments.  Phoenix School applauds their hard work and effort and their perseverance in completing their projects.  Well done!