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I Love to Read Month

March 18, 2019

Families Read-in.jpeg

The month of February was devoted to I Love to Read and the theme of friendship.  There were several activities planned which engaged all the students and teachers in the school.  We had the Battle of the Books in which each class was required to argue the merits of a special book. In the end it was the Jingle Dancer which was the overall winner.

Another activity was the "We read, too.  Can you guess who?"  Various staff members held up their favourite picture book and the students had to guess which staff member loved that particular book. Mrs. Hulme gradually revealed the staff members throughout the month.  It was a lot of fun!

A reading calendar was created and sent home. We also had Drop Everything And Read, first thing everyone morning for the entire month.

Another special activity was the Read-In Night on February 21st.  It was a great night for reading and most children and a few adults came in their pajamas and brought their favourite stuffy.  It was great fun!  There was a book mark station and loads of books to read as well as door prizes.  Thank you to the I Love to Read Committee for planning such an event-filled month.

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