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St. James Collegiate
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Hairstyling Price List

*Parking available in student parking lot on Ferry Road*

​Shampoo and Roller Set/Blow-Dry​$6.00
​Ladies Haircut and Style​​$6.00
​Men's Haircut and Style​​$6.00
Permanent Wave (short hair, includes cut and style)​​$35.00
​Permanent Wave (long hair, includes cut and style)​​$40.00 and up
​Hair Colour (short hair-includes cut and style)​​$26.00
​Hair Colour (long hair-includes cut & style) ​​$31.00 and up
​Highlights and Colour (short hair-cap method)​​$25.00
​Highlights and Colour (long hair-Foils-Balayage-Ombre)​​$40.00 and up
​Deep Conditioning Treatment​​$6.00

                                                                             *Payable by cash or cheque*

 NOTE: All services are performed by students under the supervision of the instructor. Please allow them the time and opportunity to learn. At St. James Collegiate we are not responsible for any complaints arising from the dissatisfaction of a client, but we will strive to correct the problem. Unfortunately we cannot give refunds.  (We thank you for your patronage).


Hours of Operation:

​Wednesday​​9:45 am -12:00 noon
​Thursday​​9:45 am -12:00 noon
​Friday​​9:45 am -12:00 noon

Course Instructor: Mr. Scarpino