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Linwood School
School Schedules

SchoolSchedule.jpg10 Dec. 202 Revised - School Day Calendar 2020-21 - VERSION 4.pdf


Bell Schedule  - Due to COVID 19 please click on the link below for your child's schedule on the cohort fact sheet: 

                                                          ​Linwood Fact Sheet K and Grade 1 (1).pdf 

                                                          Linwood Fact Sheet Grades 2 and 3 (1).pdf

                                                          Linwood Fact Sheet Grades 4 and 5 (1).pdf


To allow for monthly school staff meetings and staff professional development sessions, students are dismissed at 3:10 pm on the first Tuesday of every month beginning October 6th, 2020. Please refer to the six-day cycle calendar for specific dates.

Please plan your child's departure for school so that he/she arrives on the playground no earlier than 8:45 am in the mornings and no earlier than 12:45 in the afternoons.