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Linwood School
School Supplies

Being mindful of cost efficiency as well as ensuring uniformity, classroom supplies for your child/ren  have been purchased in bulk by the school. The supply fee is $35.00 for each kindergarten student and $40.00 for each grade 1-5 student.  Class supply payments are done through the School Cash Online system. You must register for School Cash Online, and can do this  anytime by clicking on the “School Cash Online” link which is located under the “Parents & Community” heading on our website. School Cash Online will open for payment on August 29, 2022.  The deadline for class supply payment  is September 9, 2022.
Please note that in addition to the supply fee,  students will require the following items:
  • runners for gym - Must be non marking, no black soles (write name on each runner)
  • backpack  large enough  to carry letters, artwork, etc. (write name on backpack)
  • water bottle (write name on water bottle)