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Bruce Middle School
Conference Manager
Our School uses the SchoolSoft Conference Manager system to manage the scheduling of the Opening Day Parent Teacher conference meeting only.  The Triad Conferences in November and March are "drop-in" sessions where no appointments are required. 

Due to restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Parent Teacher Conferences will be done virtually from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm via Microsoft Teams in  November and March. We kindly ask that you sign up for only one appointment per child that evening as times are limited. The teacher that you meet with will be able to discuss all core subjects. If you need to meet with a teacher whose time slots are full, please send them an email request with a few options for meeting times on an alternate date.  After you have booked your time slot in Conference Manager, your child will receive an invite to a TEAMS meeting (through the child’s divisional email address) for your designated time. You and your child will need to login to TEAMS a few minutes prior to the appointed time to begin your virtual conference and the teacher will join as soon as they are available.   Meeting times are 10 minutes, please be respectful of the time as there will be another parent/guardian in the cue awaiting for their appointment as well.

The SchoolSoft Conference Manager system eliminates much of the frustration faced by parents wanting to book a Parent-Teacher conference by allowing them to view, schedule and coordinate their conferences anywhere and anytime they have access to the Internet.  

If you are not already a registered user, please click on the image below to create an account and log into the Conference Manager system. When upcoming conferences are scheduled, you will then be able to use this same link to log into the system and book your conference. 


If you encounter any issues using the Conference Manager system, please contact our school secretary.