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Bruce Middle School
Cold Weather Policy
ColdWeather.jpgSchool Closure/Student Transportation

In the event of severe weather, snowstorms and/or related adverse road conditions, the Superintedent may opt to close all or specific schools and/or discontinue bus service, if it is in the best interests of the children that such actions be taken.

Although circumstances necessitating the closure of schools are rare, there is a policy that outlines the procedures to be followed.

EBCD Procedures for Storm Closures, Bus Cancellations and Other Emergencies.pdf (

More common in the winter months, however, are instances of extreme cold and/or snowstorms that may require the cancellation of school buses. The following conditions will dictate the cancellation of school buses:

  • When the wind chill reaches -45 C or greater
  • Blizzard warnings
  • Snow covered or blocked roads, or other hazardous road conditions.

In the event that the School Division opts to close schools or cancel school buses, all parents will receive an automated phone call by 7:00 am informing them of the closures and/or cancellations.

Indoor Recess

In colder weather, students will remain indoors for recess and lunch hour when the wind chill reaches -28C or greater. If the wind chill is between -25 C and -28 C, outdoor recess may be allowed but will be limited to 10 minutes.

For full details regarding the School Division's outdoor recess policy, please click here to view Policy JLIAB-R