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Bruce Middle School

​​​​​canstockphoto5871465.jpgThe canteen offers students a variety of nut-free healthy lunch and snack items, and is open during the morning nutrition break, the first 10 minutes of the lunch hour and for dances and other special events. Not all items listed here are available every day, and sometimes new things are added. Fresh sandwiches from “Norm n’ Nates" deli. 

DEBIT SYSTEM: For students who want to keep an account in case of a forgotten lunch or for the occasional treat, students may bring money to the school, which will be added to the total on their debit sheet, and purchases are subtracted from the total. **No credit will be allowed from the canteen**

The Canteen will be open everyday from 12:25-1:00PM

On Fridays salads, wraps & sandwiches are 50% off!​             

Bruce “Snack-a-torium” Prices 

​For a list of items and pricing for the Canteen, please click on the following link :  ​