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Parent Council
ParentCouncil.jpgWestwood School Parent Council

Westwood School has an active Parent Council which works cooperatively with the school in the best educational interests of the children.  The Council organizes general meetings of interest to all parents, sponsors fundraising events and co-hosts special activities with the school.  We encourage you to become active with this group for the betterment of your child’s education.

Our Parent Council president is Stephanie Duncan. She can be reached at

The next meeting will be Thursday, October 12th at 7pm in our school library.


Good afternoon Westwood Parents:

Please click here for the minutes from our last meeting and click here for the agenda of November meeting.

Please note: November meeting will start at 8pm due to Parent/Student Teacher Conferences that same night. This way it gives us all time to meet with teachers and still make the meeting. It will be the last meeting before Christmas, so if you can make it that would be fantastic.

Please take note in the minutes a few important items that need our immediate attention:

1.     Glow with the Flow Halloween Dance is October 27th at the school that is organized by the Student Council. They work really heard to plan a fun night for their peers but they really require our help in order for the dance to happen. They are asking for 4 parents in total, to cover 4 time slots as "security". It is an easy job-making sure kids aren't going into the locker/hallways, not going into the theatre if not allowed, general eyes and ears…it is easy work in order for the kids to have some great school spirit. They are asking for 2 parents to work the 7pm-9pm shift and 2 parents for the 9-11pm shift. At this point I believe we have 1 parent for the 9-11pm shift. Can you please let me know if you can offer up some extra time for the kids-I will need to let them know before this Friday October 20th.


2.      Also, the Student Council has been doing some fundraisers with the kids in the school for Cancer Care this month. Their next fundraiser is set for October 23rd which is the Warriors Walk for Breast Cancer. I wish we could ask the whole student body to bring in just $1 towards it and they would be able to come up with some great money….so wanted to reach out to you parents to help spread the word and donate if you can, to help raise their fundraising monies for the month!

           Donations are available to be dropped off at the school office.


Thanks for all your help and participation and we will see you at the November meeting.


Remember….if you can help out by volunteering for the dance October 27th, please let me know before end of day October 20th (this Friday).


Stephanie Duncan