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École Assiniboine
School Supplies

Please make sure that your child's backpack and indoor running shoes are clearly labelled with your child's name. Please click the appropriate link below to view the supply list for your child:

KINDERGARTEN (Mme Godin, M. Charrette)

GR 1, GR 1-2, GR 2 (Mme Hernandez, Mme Carnegie, Mme Ross-Ens, Mme Pelletier, Mme Vanderwey)

GR 2-3 (Mme Hoch)

GR 3 (Mme Chapdelaine, Mme DeSousa)

GR 4, GR 4-5, GR 5​ (Mme Morrison, Mme Lachance, Mme Noël, Mme Van Damme)