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École Assiniboine
Physical Education

September 11, 2018

In the next few weeks, the École Assiniboine cross-country running club will be preparing for district and divisional cross-country runs. We will be running two district meets on September 19th and September 26 at 4:15 pm (starting south of the St. James Public Library).  We will also be attending a 1200-meter Divisional Cross-Country Run at Assiniboine Park on Thursday, October 4th during school hours.

Cross Country Dates:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 19 – District Meet #1 - St. James Library (4:15-4:45 pm)
  • Wednesday, Sept. 26 – District Meet #2 - St. James Library (4:15-4:45 pm)
  • Thursday, Oct 4 - Divisional Meet - Assiniboine Park (12:15-1:15) - VIEW MAP

During our physical education classes, we will be training with two minute interval runs, while adding two minutes to the run per day. Tag and chase games will increase our general fitness and help with preparation for the meets. We will be learning strategies such as slowing down and trying to talk to a friend while running, in order to pace ourselves for the longer runs. 

Students will also run with other team members trying once again to learn how to control their initial burst at take off as well as practicing safe passing techniques.  We will also help the younger students pace themselves during the school Terry Fox Run at the end of September.

On September 19 and September 26, we will be walking to the St James Public Library (behind George Waters Middle School) for our two District Meets. Students will meet in the gym at 3:10. Please ensure your child has an extra snack and a refillable water bottle. We will be leaving our school around 3:20. Parents are to pick up their children on the south side of the St. James Library between 4:30 - 4:45 pm. Please let us know if you are available to help supervise during our walk to and/or from the meet.

**Assiniboine Daycare students will be walking back to school after the meet.

We will be using a school bus for the Divisional meet at Assiniboine Park. If your schedule permits, please contact Mme Lachance if you are able to help supervise at any of the meets.

As per all outings, students are to notify the supervising teachers (M. Charette, Mme Lachance, Mme DeSousa, Mme Noel and Mlle Van Damme) before going home with their parents.  Please advise us if you have made other arrangements for your child's transportation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mme Lachance or M. Charrette.      

(204) 885-2216 - school

Actively yours,

M. Charrette & Mme Lachance