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École Assiniboine
French Immersion



The goal of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division French Immersion Program is to empower students to become independent, lifelong, linguistic learners. In our French Immersion Program, all students have access to a culturally diverse and rich linguistic environment where they learn to communicate with confidence, spontaneity, fluency and accuracy in oral and written French and English.

​Did you know that by learning French within the Immersion Program, students:

 learn an additional language without jeopardizing their first language competencies.

 transfer abilities to their first language, and therefore enhance first language proficiency and skills.

 enhance achievement in other subject areas, such as English and Mathematics.

 engage in rich deep learning experiences.

 increase likelihood of becoming plurilingual.

 increase career possibilities and lifelong opportunities.

 increase understanding of their own culture as well as those of others (intercultural awareness).

 see themselves as linguistic learners and languages as an integral part of their journey to Global Citizenship.


​By maximizing students’ exposure to French, inside and outside of the classroom, for academic and non-academic purposes, students benefit in their French language acquisition. Students are empowered to learn and use the French language in both academic and social settings.​


For more information on the Kindergarten French Immersion Program, please clink on the link below:

French Immersion Kindergarten.pdf