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Pros VS Joes

December 01, 2022


Pros VS Joes is December 5-9, at lunch time in the gym.  Please come out and support the fundraiser if you can.
Here are the daily events:
Monday:  Powerball and Gauntlet
Tuesday:  Dodgeball and blindfolded musical chairs
Wednesday:  Basketball and bump
Thursday:  SJASD Rock Paper Scissors tournament (9 other schools will be here)
Friday:  Lip Sync Battle
We have a lot of pros coming in that week.  Some are former students of ours, Blue Bombers and other CFL players,  Bison athletes, and other high performance athletes.
For those Bomber fans out there... these are the ones coming this week:
#40 Mike Benson (Monday & Tuesday)
#10 Nic Demski  (Wednesday & Thursday)
#37 Brandon Alexander (Wednesday)
#5 Willy Jefferson  (Wednesday)
Former Huskies coming back to compete are:
Anthony Coombs (former CFL player)
Kienan Lafrance (Roughriders)
Josh Robinson (Bison football)
Austin Woods (National dodgeball)
DJ Dupasquier (National dodgeball)
Daniel Holzer (Provincial dodgeball)
Sam Jensen (Bison basketball)
Mason Kraus (Bison basketball)
AJ Basi (professional basketball player)
Alex Djukic (Bison football)
Hope to see you in the gym at lunch!!​