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Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate is privileged to proudly present

Anne Frank – A History for Today Exhibition in the Library


Anne Frank - A History for Today

The international exhibition Anne Frank – A History for Today is shown in more than forty countries. This exhibition is based on the concept of 'peer education'. Visitors are guided through the exhibit by our high school students who 'teach' others about the content of the exhibit.

The worldwide tour of the exhibition is coordinated by the Anne Frank House~in collaboration with local partner organizations such as Veterans Affair Canada.

The Exhibition

Anne Frank - A History for Today  tells the story of Anne Frank against the background of the Holocaust and the Second World War.

It shows photographs of Anne Frank's childhood in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, and portrays the rise of the Nazis, the persecution of the Jews and the way the people responded to this. In a consequent way, the exhibition shows the impact of the Nazi policy on one particular family.


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