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How to Donate

​​How to Donate

The St. James Scholarship Foundation serves our award recipients and our donors by maintaining two endowment funds. These are:

•   Funds on deposit with local financial institutions
•   Our Agency Fund at the Winnipeg Foundation.  For a direct link to donate, please click here.

Prospective donors may choose to fund a new scholarship or alternatively, they may prefer to donate to the pooled fund in one of our two endowment funds.
Prospective donors wishing to establish a new award are advised to contact the school principal at the chosen school to complete the application form required by the school division.  Principals are able to give good advice on possible award criteria as they are very well aware of the needs of their students and their awards program.
Alternatively, members of the scholarship board can be contacted for advice using the contact information listed below.
Locally Endowed Awards
Funds held in our local endowment are managed using GIC’s at prevailing interest rates.  Interest rates have been at historic low levels recently and for this reason they do not permit perpetual endowment of awards.
Prospective donors are advised that our local endowment can support an award for a term of years.  As an example,  a donation of $2,500 would support a $250 annual award for approximately ten years.
Donors may also choose to contribute to our general pool of funds and in this way provide a more general benefit to our fund.

Winnipeg Foundation Agency Fund Endowed Awards
Prospective donors wishing to endow an award in perpetuity are able, through us, to establish a sub-fund within our Agency Fund.  These donations must be a minimum of $10,000 to be accepted by the Winnipeg Foundation. They also benefit from the dollar matching program at the Winnipeg Foundation. Because the Winnipeg Foundation employs a staff of professional money managers they can accept donations in a variety of forms such as investments, as well as cash. Again, to establish an award of this type prospective donors should first contact the school principal or the St James Scholarship Foundation for advice.
 Prospective donors wishing to contribute to our pooled funds at the Winnipeg Foundation can make their donation directly to the Winnipeg Foundation referencing the St James Scholarship Foundation Agency Fund.
Tax Deductible Receipts
All donations are income tax deductible and official receipts will be promptly provided.

Contact Information
Advice regarding donations or establishing new awards can be obtained from:
Bruce Alexander
President, St James Scholarship Foundation
Phone: (204) 885-1876     
Monika Kananowicz
Accounting Supervisor,  St. James Scholarship Foundation
Phone: (204) 888-7951     
Mailing address:
Monika Kananowicz
c/o  St. James Assiniboia School Division
2574 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3J 0H8

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Contact Us

2574 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3J 0H8 204-888-7951 204-831-0859
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