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St. James-Assiniboia School Division
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Early Years2

View the Countdown to Kindergarten 2017 document.

View the Canadian Ministers of Education statement addressing Play-based-Learning.


Multi-age Programs are available at Strathmillan, Buchanan, Heritage, Linwood and Brooklands Schools for those residing within the school catchment areas of these schools. Children are grouped into classrooms containing students in grades 1, 2, and 3 and students in grades 4 and 5. Parents who wish this programming are asked to register in March. Further information may be obtained from the schools. 

Students are encouraged to register at their catchment area school, where they are guaranteed a spot. Families who wish to register their child in a non-catchment area school may do so, but will be placed on a wait list in order of receipt and informed of their child's acceptance or denial on or before June 27. Catchment area is determined based on your family's home address. Having your child in a child careprogram in a certain area does not translate to acceptance at a school within that catchment area.

Transportation: Transportation is provided for children residing more than one kilometer from their home school or day care. However, where a parent has chosen to send his/her child to another school, transportation is the responsibility of the parent. For students who are walking to school, the School Division provides trained School Patrols to assist with students crossing at major intersections.

Lunch Supervision:  Lunch supervision is provided for students who stay at school for lunch.

Behaviour: Student conduct and discipline are areas emphasized in St. James-Assiniboia schools. Each school has developed a code of behaviour and many augment skill development in this area through the use of conflict managers. The Division's goal as set out in the Division's Code of Conduct brochure, is to provide a caring environment which develops creative thinking, a love for learning, self-esteem and respect for others. The Code of Conduct brochure describes the rights and responsibilities of students, parents and teachers within the Division. 

Internet Use Policies: Acceptable use policies for information technology access are in effect in the St. James Assiniboia School Division. Students and parents should read and be familiar with these acceptable use policies. All students accessing the Internet from Divisional facilities must have signed and turned in the Student Internet Acceptable Use Agreement and Parent Permission Form which is handed out at the start of the school year. Use of the computers in the school with or without a signed form is subject to the rules in the Acceptable Use Policy as all students are provided with the information at various points throughout the year.

Evaluation and Assessment: A high priority has been put on parent communication regarding student progress. Report cards allow parents to clearly ascertain whether their child is meeting the standards set by Manitoba Education or functioning above or below the standards. Care has been taken to include teamwork and personal development skills which are those required by employers. St. James-Assiniboia regularly assesses students using numerous assessment instruments. 

Results of Division tests are reported to parents on the student reports as well as in school profiles. Other assessment measures include student observation, classroom tests, checklists, portfolios, and rubrics. During reporting periods, schools have students involved with their parents in student led or triad conferences or hold celebrations of learning. Promotion is based upon success in language arts and mathematics in grades 1-3 and language arts, mathematics, science and social studies in grade 4 and 5 according to Operational Procedure Code 12006.

Student Services: Students attending schools in the St. James-Assiniboia School Division are eligible to receive a wide-variety of support services at no additional cost to the family. These services range from in-school supports such as resource and counseling assistance, to clinical services such as psychologists, social workers, speech and language therapy, or referral to outside agencies such as health professionals.

Countdown to Kindergarten

Children, who reach age 5 before December 31st of any year, are eligible to enter kindergarten in September of that year.

Kindergarten is an exciting time where children explore and learn through play, are exposed to the development of literacy and numeracy skills, and have an opportunity to develop their physical skills. In St. James-Assiniboia Schools, kindergarten children also receive instruction in computer technology. The development of social skills formulates another important aspect of the program. The report cards explain to parents the progress of their children.

Students residing more than one kilometer from their home school are eligible for transportation services. In most schools, the kindergarten program is a half-day program. Some schools, based on student enrolment, offer both an afternoon and a morning program while other schools offer only one or the other. Full-day kindergarten takes place in Brooklands, Buchanan, Crestview, Heritage, Lakewood and Stevenson-Britannia schools for children living in their catchment areas. During the first two days of school teachers hold parent-teacher conferences with each child and his/her parents.

Information evenings regarding kindergarten programs are held in each school in February. Times and dates are published in The Metro newspaper and in our Division newsletter CONTACT, which is delivered by mail to each household in St. James-Assiniboia. Registrations take place at the local schools in early March. Parents are required to bring a copy of their child's birth certificate in order to register.