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French Immersion
​Did you know? 
• French is spoken by 105,000 people in Manitoba. 
• French is one of the official languages of Canada, spoken by nearly nine million people. 
• French is spoken by an estimated 250 million people worldwide 
• More than 22,725 Manitoban students are in French Immersion. 
• French is officially spoken in 33 countries around the world. 
• French is an official working language of the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the International Olympic Committee. 

French – English Program 
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The French courses aim to provide all students with quality French instruction which enables them to communicate in the French language and to appreciate francophone cultures. Teachers use a balanced literacy based approach. The goals of the courses are to give students the opportunity to: 
• acquire the necessary language skills to communicate in French; 
• value the learning of French as a tool for personal, intellectual, and social growth; 
• demonstrate an appreciation of Francophone cultures; 
• further develop intercultural communication skills that are essential to all global citizens. 

Available Courses: 
Early Start – Grades 1 to 3 
French: Communication and Culture – Grades 4 to 12 
International Baccalaureate (IB) – Grades 11 and 12 
(Westwood Collegiate and Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate) 

Schools offering French Immersion in SJASD:
École Assiniboine: Kindergarten–Gr. 5 
École Bannatyne: Kindergarten–Gr. 5 
École Robert Browning: Kindergarten–Gr. 5
École Voyageur: Kindergarten–​Gr. 5 
École Ness: Grades 6-8 
Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate: Grades 9 -12

French Immersion 
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Click here to view the SJASD French Immersion Welcome to Kin​dergarten Brochure

The goal of the French Immersion Program is to ensure that students become proud, confident, engaged, and plurilingual global citizens. The French Immersion Program enables students to interact spontaneously and confidently in French with pride and ease. They seek opportunities to engage in the Francophone community. Their identity as Canadian citizens, competent in both French and English, creates lifelong opportunities and fosters openness to other languages and cultures. 
In addition to encompassing learning outcomes related to competency in French, curricula for the French Immersion Program reflects the learning outcomes of curricula designed for the English Program. 

Important Facts in the St. James-Assiniboia School Division French Immersion Program: 
• In Kindergarten, the language of instruction is French 
• Beginning in Grade 1, English language skills are taught for 25% of the school day 
• In Grades 1-5, the subjects are taught in French, for 75% of the school day 
• In Grades 6-12, some courses are taught in French, for a minimum of 50% of the school day 
• The language of communication between home and school is English 
• Students receive formal instruction in English reading beginning in Grade 1 
• Students in French Immersion are able to transfer knowledge/skills from one language to the other 

For further information contact: 
• Your school principal 
• BEF; Bureau de l’éducation française (204-945-6916) 
• CPF; Canadian Parents for French (204-222-6537) 
• French Bookstores in St. Boniface: La Boutique du livre, Librairie à la Page 
• Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) (204-233-0210) 

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