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Indigenous Education

petroforms.jpgSt. James-Assiniboia School Division is committed to providing authentic, rich learning experiences for all students. To ensure that schools are inclusive and culturally responsive, First Nations, Métis and Inuit perspectives are integrated into the curriculum and the school community.

Indigenous Education Team

SJASD has an Indigenous Education Team that works with both school division administration and school-based teams to provide support in the areas of curriculum and instruction. It is comprised of a Divisional Administrator, an Indigenous Inclusion coordinator, in-class support teachers, a student success coach, and cultural programming support. They provide professional development to all divisional staff, and work in collaboration with school-based teams, divisional support teams, as well as local community groups.


SJASD's overarching priorities continue to include:

  • Developing the knowledge of our Divisional staff through targeted professional development;
  • The creation of culturally safe spaces within our learning communities;
  • The strengthening of the relationship between schools and Indigenous families and communities; and
  • Ensuring our students and staff are engaged in authentic learning experiences where Indigenous knowledges, histories, languages, and cultures are valued and respected​.

St. James-Assiniboia School Division's commitment to Indigenous Education for all is reflected in our Strategic Plan, specifically, the priority area entitled Ma Mawi Anokiitaw Miinawaa (We Will Work Together Again). Learn more about our Strategic Plan.

Indigenous Advisory Council​

The work done by our school board is guided by the SJASD Indigenous Advisory Council​, which is comprised of Indigenous community members who are parents, grandparents, and caregivers within our Division. IAC members serve for one or two years and provide guidance to the Board as it pertains to Indigenous education, well-being, and achievement, and providing support to Indigenous students, families, and educators.


IMG_8228_rgb_400by.jpgFor more information, review the following SJASD and provincial government policies, regulations and frameworks:

For additional information, review the following resources:

Contact Us

If you have questions about Indigenous Education work in SJASD, please contact the Administrator of Indigenous Education & Community Support, April Waters, at 204-837-5886 ext. 2144 or​​

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