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Middle Years

IMG_1264.JPGMiddle Years (Grades 6 to 8)

The Middle Years program builds upon the early years program for younger children and prepares them for the Senior Years program. Our middle schools are specifically designed to address several educational topics involving students aged 10-13. Early adolescents, grades 6-8, have unique emotional, social and developmental characteristics. Staffing, curriculum and programming in a middle school is focused on the students' needs. Parental involvement in the education process in a middle school will benefit the early adolescent.

Philosophy of Middle Years:

A Middle Years environment is based upon the needs and characteristics of the adolescent learner. These characteristics must be recognized as being developmental and dynamic. Caring, trained professionals will meet the intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of the middle years student by offering programs reflecting active learning strategies, integrated curricula, exploratory experiences and opportunities to nurture positive relationships with adults and peers.

Components of A Middle School:

• Interdisciplinary Team Organization

Two or more teachers representing different subject areas are teamed together; teachers share the same students and schedule. Team teaching is not essential, but may occur at specific times. Teachers coordinate assignments, projects and tests. Teachers often combine their expertise and course content to teach a common theme in some or all of the core subjects.

• Teacher Advisory Groups

In teacher advisory groups students develop a sense of belonging. The teacher or advisor is an advocate for the students. Advisory time may be part of the home room organization.

• Options and Exploratory Courses

Hands on/active participation is encouraged in courses such as the performing and fine arts, physical education, practical arts, enrichment courses, special interests, career exploration, independent studies, etc.

• Academic Programs

Along with the regular academic program all of our Middle Years Schools offer other options. Lincoln Middle School offers a performing arts program. Band, drama and visual arts are available at all of our middle schools.

Additional Information

Behaviour: The Division's goal, as set out in our Code of Conduct, is to provide a caring environment which develops creative thinking, a love for learning, self-esteem and respect for others. The Code of Conduct describes the rights and responsibilities of students, parents and teachers within the Division. 

Internet Use Policies: Acceptable use policies for information technology access are in effect in SJASD. Students and parents should read and be familiar with these acceptable use policies. All students accessing the Internet from Divisional facilities must have signed and turned in the Student Internet Acceptable Use Agreement and Parent Permission Form which is handed out at the start of the school year. Use of the computers in the school with or without a signed form is subject to the rules in the Acceptable Use Policy as all students are provided with the information at various points throughout the year.

Student Services: Students attending schools in SJASD are eligible to receive a wide-variety of support services at no additional cost to the family. These services range from in-school supports such as resource and counseling assistance, to clinical services such as psychologists, social workers, speech and language therapy, or referral to outside agencies such as health professionals. For more information, visit  Educational Support Services.

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