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Technology Education Program


Trades and Skills Training

A number of high schools in the St. James-Assiniboia School Division (SJASD) offer the Technology Education Program comprised of various trades and skills training to help meet the needs and interests of students, while working to address the demand for skilled labour. 

A designated program consists of eight or more courses in a specific area of study. Students take these credits alongside their academic requirements, and graduate with a high school diploma. Taking the Technology Education Program in SJASD can help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to enter the job market after graduation or prepare for further college education or training. In addition, some program credits or hours can be applied towards an apprenticeship (see specific programs offered by the schools referenced below for details).​

SJASD Trades and Skills Training Programs (8 courses*)

  • Applied Commerce (St. James Collegiate Institute)
  • Automotive Technology (Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate)
  • Aviation (Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate)
  • Collision Repair and Refinishing (St. James Collegiate Institute)
  • Culinary Arts (Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate)
  • Electrical Trades (Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate)
  • Print Media (Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate)
  • Hairstyling (St. James Collegiate Institute, Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate)*
  • Welding (Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate)

*Exception: Hairstyling is a 12-course program.


How Does It Work?

Students spend part of each day in their technology program with a dedicated cohort group of high school-aged learners. Then, for the remainder of the day, they join their fellow students to achieve their required core academic and elective courses needed to graduate.

Students earn a Manitoba high school diploma from the Senior Years Technology Education Program, which they can use toward entrance into the workforce or college. We encourage students to research programs of interest at the post-secondary level to ensure entry requirements are met.

Please note: While the Technology Education Program is available to all SJASD students, the number of spaces in each program is limited. To apply, families must first register through their home school. Students that fall into a different catchment school must also complete a School of Choice Form.


Taking Individual Trades and Technology Courses

IMG_0014_insta.jpg​In addition to SJASD's eight and 12-course programs, high schools also offer a number of individual trade or technology courses including industrial arts (woodworking, electronics, food and nutrition, graphic technology), robotics, media production, welding, photography and more. Course offerings change from year to year. Please consult your school's course handbook. 


Where Can I Get More Information?​

Each high school produces a course handbook of course and program offerings. Consult this handbook and contact your school office or reach out to your school principal for more information about programs and courses available.


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