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Making Sense of Mindfulness (School Edition)

January 08, 2021

Through a grant from the Winnipeg Suicide Prevention Network (WSPN) & Sources of Strength (SOS) programs run through several middle and high schools in St. James-Assiniboia School Division (SJASD), an online partnership with Keith Macpherson was developed to promote positive mental health and to introduce the concept of mindfulness to students, parents and staff during the period of remote learning.  Keith developed (7) on-line mindfulness lessons intended for middle & high school students to learn and practice at home to build their resiliencies during these difficult times.  Students, parents and staff may register on-line free of charge through the link provided below.Picture1_1.png


Strategies and practices to alleviate stress and anxiety

Mindfulness trainer and Life Coach, Keith Macpherson (B. Ed) has created a series of mindfulness videos for students to integrate mindfulness practices into their daily lives. In this series of videos, students will discover new strategies and practices to assist them with alleviating stress and anxiety. The videos have also been designed to improve over-all mental health and well-being.

Keith Macpherson is best known for his best-selling book, Making Sense of Mindfulness and his daily positive intentions on social media. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach with The Co-Active Training Institute, a professional certified yoga instructor and also a well-known keynote speaker and facilitator on the topic of mindfulness.

To access this free video series, please use the code provided through School Messenger to families, and visit