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Blurb from the Board: Trustee Rachelle Wood on the Importance of Setting Goals

November 13, 2023

​Wood_FINAL.jpgAnd just like that we are in the third month of the 2023-2024 school year and hopefully have become accustomed to the routine of our school schedule and workday. I think now is a great time to pause and reflect on how things are going and perhaps set, or re-set, some goals.

Why Set Goals?

Everyone, no matter what you are working towards, can benefit from goal setting. Having clear set goals often keeps us moving forward on our journey of learning and growth. Goals help us achieve success in many ways; we gain confidence as well as personal efficacy once a goal is achieved.

Perhaps you want to get a higher grade, improve certain skills, achieve a new leadership position, or like myself, learn to make banana bread that actually tastes good!

Whatever your goals may be, the act of writing down specific goals gives us a clear external representation, a visual, of what we want to achieve. Writing down goals allows us to see what we are working towards and establishes a plan for actual achievement.


Here Are My Five Goal Setting Tips to Help You Get Started:

1) Create a place to keep track of your Goals.
Keeping track of goals using a calendar, a vision board full of images and notes, a journal, or a list on your phone are all great ideas so long as it is visible and you see it daily.

2) Break down goals into steps or parts.
It can be easy for you to feel discouraged when you are starting a goal that may appear too big or overwhelming. Writing down goals then breaking them up into a series of smaller steps and strategies will help the big goal feel much more attainable. Make each goal reaching step achievable and within a set time span.

3) Visualize yourself achieving your goal.
Envisioning your goal as complete will help you reach it. For example, if you are running a race, imagine yourself at the finish line coming in first place.

4) Send yourself a yearly review reminder.
In a message to yourself, include all the goals you set and acknowledge your progress and achievements. Always celebrate every one of your successes along the way. Scheduled reviewing of your goals and subsequently updating accordingly helps ensure you are focusing on the right goals and the right work.

5) Use positive self-talk.
Do your best to begin every day with a positive mindset and intention. Take a second to think about your main focus and priority for the day and give yourself a 'yes, I can do this,' pep talk!

Your dedication to working towards achieving your goals will not only inspire and motivate you to keep going, but also your peers and family! Whether you are setting work goals, personal goals, or team goals, now is a great time to get started. Ready, Set, Goals!

Rachelle Wood
Trustee - Centre Ward
St. James Assiniboia School Division     

For more information on Trustee Wood, visit her bio.

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